Unification of the efforts for organization and realization of joint actions, conserning the design, reparation and rehabilitation works, execution of new constructions and engineering activities for projects in the field of electroenergetic system up to 750 kV, telecommunication and others.

Study, research, design and construction of energetic system objects, supervising, practical assistance in engineering and implementation, introduction of new technologies, working out tender offers and tender documents, tender organization, information about existing technological equipment, know-how, patents, licenses, and others.

Electrocorsortium LTD works out every kind of design as well as construction and assembling at electric power sites and households in the country and abroad overhead transmission lines (OHTL) from 20 to 750 kV, cable lines up to 110 kV, overhead and cable low voltage lines, substations 110/20 kV; 400/110 kV; 750/400 kV, node stations, transformer stations, lighting and power electric installations and others...

Carrying out construction and assembling works Electrocorsortium LTD provides from the factories all the materials needed like towers - bolt construction-zinc-coated, cables up to 20 kV, conductors - all trade marks according to all standards, and others.

Electrocorsortium LTD is equipped with quality computer hardware and software which enables a timely, high quality and variable solution of different assignments, including tower construction up to 750 kV and lighting masts for stadium, sport places and highways.

Electrocorsortium's staff is highly qualified with many years of experience in designing, construction and assembling works, as well as their supervision in Bulgaria and abroad: Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Syria, Mozambique, Jordan, Algeria, Tunisia and others.